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Bastien Bourdon

Trying to give back to the community - I write about tech, web development, data science, and leassons learned from the startup life

Hello world!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Bastien Bourdon and this is the first post on my personal website. Its main purpose will be mostly to write for myself: I find writing an article about a subject one is working on helps a lot with completing a specific goal or milestone within that project, and forces good structure and communication.

I will write mostly about tech (web development, dev ops, data science), my experience as a startup co-founder and entrepreneur in general, and possibly any other subject or idea that piques my interest.

Web technologies are just a tiny subset of my original background, but as I spent time building online solutions, I have been astonished by the openness of its amazing community of developers and everything they are willing to share. Giving back and contributing is the primary motivation for this website.

Throughout my posts you will encounter some code examples presented in some beautiful highlighting such as:

def say_hello(greetings="Bonjour!"):
  return "User has been greeted."

While you wait for more progress on my writing, check out my startup’s website: Do not hesitate contacting me if you think any of it is interesting to you.