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Bastien Bourdon

Trying to give back to the community - I write about tech, web development, data science, and leassons learned from the startup life


I’m a technologist and entrepreneur currently living in London. My background is telecommunication engineering, but I specialized in international business practice at the end of my studies in France.

Nowadays I am mostly interested in web applications development and data science (machine learning, deep learning). I research and apply my findings in my current startup, dabbling in finance.

I am one of the founders of Edgefolio, a web platform providing modern solutions to stakeholders in the hedge fund industry. Leading the tech team, I must wear many hats and often participate in sales efforts as well.

Making a startup move forward is a complicated exercise mostly based on experiments and failures, but mostly grit! After serveral years of entrepreneurship I started having an itch I finally want to start scratching by writing and trying to share my experience and learnings.

It is also an occasion to share some of it with my friends and family. I hope my posts can help both experimented developers and people who are less tech-savvy learn a few things or get interested in harnessing the power of modern web technology. It has never been as open and friendly as today, and I would like to give back a little to the community.